Consultation on Technical Document TD2014EAAS

Date : 2013-07-31

An Invitation to Stakeholders

WADA has announced a further consultation phase for the Technical Document Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroids – Measuring and Reporting (TD2014EAAS). All stakeholders are invited to make recommendations by August 16, 2013 at which time the consultation will close.

Following its recent meeting held in Montreal on June 18-20, 2013 WADA’s Laboratory Expert Group recommended that the previous version of TD2013EAAS should be divided into two separate technical documents, as follows:

a)   First technical document (TD2014EAAS) - recommended by the WADA Laboratory Expert Group for immediate approval and currently available to stakeholders for feedback, this document is focused on the measurement and reporting of Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (EAAS), including the Markers that form the steroidal module (the “steroid profile”) of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP). This document, which retains the same aspects as the earlier March 2013 version, will allow the implementation of the “steroidal module” without delay.

b)   Second technical document (TD2014IRMS) - referring to the application of the GC-C-IRMS method for detection of synthetic forms of EAAS, this document is close to completion. However, its approval by WADA’s Laboratory Expert Group has been delayed pending a revision of the method’s compliance decision rules.

A consultation phase is now underway for TD2014EAAS and stakeholders are asked to review and make comments using WADA’s online tool WADAConnect.

WADAConnect was developed to facilitate the revision process, and allows stakeholders to submit changes directly referencing articles of interest.

As part of WADA’s mandate to enhance anti-doping activities under the World Anti-Doping Code, Technical Documents undergo periodic revisions to reflect scientific and technological advances in the performance of anti-doping tests and the reporting of test results.

Technical Documents provide specific technical recommendations to WADA-accredited laboratories, and the process for revision is carried out in consultation with WADA stakeholders.

Stakeholders are encouraged to create an account in WADAConnect and submit recommendations by August 16, 2013.

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