Governmental Officials to negotiate (bargain) and Persuading O-Sport Demands from the Olympic Council ofAsia

Date : 2015-05-23

Governmental Officials to negotiate (bargain) and Persuading O-Sport Demands from the Olympic Council ofAsia

Special meeting on the O-Sport development in the old continent and emergence of this Persian field which its origin is the city of  Hamedan was held in the office of the Hamedan Governor-General,  this time with the presence of  Mr.Morteza Bank,  General Deputy of the Presidency Accord, Haider Farman, Manager of OCA Asian Games Department , Abdul Hadi Mohammad, Head of the International Relations Committee of the Olympic Council of Asia, Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri, WOF founder and Secretary-General, Dr.Behrooz Karkhaneie, FAOS president,  Dr.Jasem Manouchehri, FAOS General Secretary,  Mohammad Alipur , President of I.R Iran Federation of Sports Associations, Mr.Shojaee, the treasurer of the executive committee of the National Olympic Committee of  I.R of Iran , Mr.Mahmoudi, Director General for Economic Affairs and Finance of Hamedan province,  Mr.Kashani, the Expert of  Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Mr.Elahi Tabar,   Political-Security Deputy of Hamedan Province, Mr.Eftekhari, Director General of  Youth Affairs and Sports of Hamedan.

The meeting started with the welcoming message by the Governor-General of Hamedan province , he talked about  sport capacities and  introduced tourism potentials of  Hamedan province and a willingness to host international sporting events, and immediately, joining the O- Sport (Original Persian Sport) was added on the agenda as an important issue and then the way of membership and the development of O-Sport in the Olympic Council of Asia were reviewed and then Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri,  founder and  General Secretary of the World  O-Sport   Federation followed by Dr.Karkhaneie, president of the Federation  Asian of O-Sport and  Mr.Eftekhari, Director General of  Youth Affairs and Sports of Hamedan delivered a report and at the end of this ceremony, Mr.Morteza Bank as the highest executive authority of the  Government ofPrudence and Hope, seriously  and officially called for the membership of O-Sport in the Asian Games of the Olympic Council of Asia and a new round of bargaining  ( negotiations) of Iranians began in international  sports diplomacy