The Opening Ceremony of the 5th WOF Asian O-Sport Championship HUMANITARIAN CUP Opened Officially on Wednesday Night

Date : 2015-05-20

The Opening Ceremony of the 5th WOF Asian O-Sport Championship HUMANITARIAN CUP Opened Officially on Wednesday Night

At the ceremony Dr. Shabani Bahar, deputy Sports Minister, Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri, WOF founder and Secretary-general, Dr.Behrooz Karkhaneie, President of the Asian Federation of O-Sport, Mohammad Naser Nikbakht, Hamedan Governor-General along with heads of associations and  Federations of O-sport from different countries like: Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, the United Arabic Emirates, Iraq, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, India, Syria , Iran and also Eftekhari, Director General of youth and Sports of Hamedan province were also presented.


At this ceremony, Director General of Youth Affairs and Sports of Hamedan province as a host of this event, pointed to holding this tournament in Hamedan and cited: Hamedan province is very proud this time to be the host of Asian O-sport Championships.

Eftekhari, continued: we should praise the efforts of the President of the O-Sport Association of I.R of Iran, because he did his best for Hamedan province to be the host of this event and he was very tolerant and did selfless efforts.

By supporting this sport, he said: "O-Sport» is a kind of sport which has roots in Iran's ancient history and derived from Hamedan city and we proudly announce that Hamedan is the cradle of this sport.

He welcomed guests and athletes present at this tournament and added: we are trying to be the host for fastest men in Asia