Morteza Bank, We hope "O-Sport" Recognize by IOC

Date : 2015-05-23

Morteza Bank, We hope "O-Sport" Recognize by IOC

Morteza Bank Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration at Closing Ceremony of 5th Asian O-Sport ChampionshipsHUMANITARIAN CUP :saying that the Iranian youth with creativity and innovation could set up and register "O-Sport," officially, expressed hope that this sport that has been good  development in the fields of international, will also be registered at the International Olympic Committee, 

Morteza Bank, on Friday night at the closing ceremony of the 5th Asian O-Sport championship HUMANITARIAN CUP, referring to the point that Iranian youth creativity and innovation will cause progress in the various areas of social, economic, cultural and political, said: if the creativity, ideas and ideals of youth minds will be organized and a good background will be provided into public activities, an improvement of the general, social and economic situation will be formed.

He added: everyone, especially the youth is always eager to present what abilities they gain and touch and them offer them and that's why in the society and in every government it is essential to provide appropriate fields to help these pure talents to be emerged and to use new ideas and excellence of young people in the country.

He pointed out that the youth ideas should turn from the scientific and theoretical one into the practical one because the creativity of the people will be likely a path to success in the future.

He stressed the vitality and passion of youth must become a main factor for progress of society. Morteza Bank pointed out that Hamedan is a great province with wise people, and said: I appreciate the hosting of Hamedan in helding the 5th Asian O-sport championship HUMANITARIAN CUP, especially the interest of the governor-general of the city for sport , as well as some of the members of the Olympic Council of Asia who attended the closing ceremony.

5th Asian O-Sport championship HUMANITARIAN CUP was held in Hamedan on 19th to 23rd May 2015 with the attendance of 120 athletes from 14 Asian countries.