Individual 12 Stones Mind O-Sport World Championships in Greece

Date : 2018-01-18

Tis is an ancient village that is remains 0f the Achaemenid period. This village is located in the mountainous region of the north western of Chabahar in Sistan va Baluchestan. The ancient wells of “Tis Koupan” as well as mysterious graves are tourist attractions of the village. In some historical sources has been written that Untash king of Iran which his administration was spread to River of Dejleh, named this area according to the names of his twin (Tits and Koupan). For years, he has held sporting events under the title of Tis Koupan.

Individual Tis Koupan is the combination of mind skills with geometric equations in order to link 3 stones in intersecting lines on a 24-dot screen in three types of 6 stones, 9 stones and 12 stones.

WOF Secretariat is happy to announce that Individual 12 Stones of 11th World Mind O-Sport Championships (Juniors and Seniors) will be held on 9~13 May 2018 in Rhodes-Island of Greece.