O-Sport stands for Original Persian Sports and this nickname has been founded and presented to the world of Sport by the family of Manouchehri .

The multi-skilled technical structure of O-Sport is formed of: Persian arts and games, such as Dooz, slingshot, Ley ley, Alak Dolak, swimming and struggling of Persian tribes. During a process of deep studies and modernization, these Games have become the industry of sport. These sports include Aqua O-Sport (the combination of struggling, swimming and passing through the barriers), Artistic O-Sport (The combination of shooting skills, passing through the barriers with acrobatic skills), Mind O-Sport (the combination of Dooz and others), and Combat O-Sport (the combination of self defense, shooting and martial arts skills ). These competitive techniques and disciplines have been named with the benefit of Persian words and ancient names of Iranian cities.

O-SPORT Registration & Recognition in Olympic Movement:

  • Registered at physical education organization of I.R. Iran (28/01/2007)
  • Registered at instruments and landed property registration organization of I.R. Iran (09/06/2009(
  • Registered at youth & sport ministry of I.R. Iran ( 16/08/2014) 
  • Registered at national Olympic committee of I.R. Iran (26/04/2011)    
  • Member of world anti doping agency WADA (25/09/2010)
  • Member of association for international sport for all TAFISA (08/09/2010)
  • Member of International sport for all games (2008)
  • Member of international humanitarian games (2016)
  • Member of world sports games WSG (2017)