The purpose of this study is to determine the role of O-Sport in the development of the tourism industry in Hamadan. Therefore, the research method was descriptive-analytical and its data were collected by field method using questionnaire. The statistical population of this research is divided into three groups according to the research variables: experts of Hamadan province sport and youth departments and experts of cultural heritage and tourism departments of Hamadan province, experts of O-Sport (including champions, coaches, referees and heads of sport boards in Hamedan province). Due to the infinite population, the population size was considered as the sample size. After distributing the questionnaires, 141 persons answered the questionnaires correctly. In order to test the research hypotheses in inferential statistics, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and one-sample t-tests were performed using SPSS software (version 22). The results of this study showed that empowerment, social, environmental and economic factors have an effective role in the development of the tourism industry in Hamadan.