WOF Sport for all Committee chairman:

Khalid Al-Qawati
 Appointed by Secretariat 2010
 Affiliated member Group (Germany)
 Email: alqawati @ t-online.de


WOF Anti doping Committee Chairman:

Dr.Behrooz Karkhanei

Appointed by Secretariat 2013 (Iran)
Full member Group
Email: Karkhanei@o-sport.info

WOF Athletes Committee Chairman:



WOF Referee Committee chairman:

Samer Halimeh

 Secretary General of Syrian O-Sport Committee
 Appointed by Secretariat 2011 (Syria)
 Full member Group
 Email: samer @ o-sport.info




WOF Organizing Committee Chairman:

Mohammad Reza Abdi

Chairman of Referee Committee of O-Sport Associationof Iran

Appointed by Secretariat 2014 (Iran) 
Full member Group
Email: abdiwfk@gmail.com + 98 918 6111960