Result of Artistic, Mind and Aqua O-Sport of World Elite Games 2017

Date : 2017-10-27

As per organizing committee’s report of World Elite Games 2017, 6 days later then the fantastic opening ceremony World Elite Games finally Artistic O-Sport and Mind O-Sport as well as Aqua O-Sport completed successfully with heroism of the national Iranian team on 23rd October in Aqua Park of Alva Donna of Kemer town of Antalya-Turkey.

During 4 working days, the World Aqua O-Sport Cup  in field of Mind O-Sport as well as Aqua O-Sport with cooperation of 9 referees, 25 judges and 2 supervisors under leadership of Master Manouchehri the founder and secretary General of World O-Sport .

Finally the following results were obtained:

First place: I.R Iran

Third place: Russia

The second place: Turkey