2018, Prolific year for O-Sport world Family

Date : 2018-01-15

The WOF Secretariat is glad to announce that World O-Sport Federation WOF has so far successfully completed 10 set World championships and 6 set Asian championships and 4 set European championship and a lot of International Gathering, tournaments, general Assembly and Congress and actually 2018 will be a prolific year for O-Sport world family.

Isfahan-Iran will be the host of O-SPORT-PRO 4 STARS TURNAMENT on the on 22nd ~23rd February 2018.

WADA Anti-Doping Organization Symposium will be held in Lausanne the second-largest city on Lake Geneva, located in Switzerland , on 20th ~22nd  March 2018.

Bangkok –Thailand will be host of GAISF/ SportAccord Convention on 15th ~20th April 2018.

WOF will be organized O-SPORT Event during International Extreme Games on 9~13 May 2018 in Rhodes island of Greece

Then WOF will back to Hamedan to promoting 7th Asian O-Sport Championships during 2nd International Humanitarian Games on 18th ~22nd August.

Don’t forget that on O-SPORT World championships will be held during 2nd World Elite Games on 19th ~22nd October again in kemer-Antalya.

At the end of year Egypt will be host of WOF World Masters and open African Championships in Shar El sheikh on 12th ~16th December

For more information and invitation of championships please contact to Ms. Shima Karmi WOF international Communication Manager of WOF Secretariat via wof@o-sport.info