Congratulation message from ICSSPE President
In the name of the international Council of Sport Science and Physical Education I herewith send you best wishes for the upcoming events of   the World O-Sport Federation.
ICSSPE welcomes all sporting activities that allow athletes to perform while respecting the rules of fair-play and learn from each other . Especially mutual respect and understanding across different cultures is seen of high importance by ICSSPE network.
We wish the organizers, athletes and all other participants' successful and exciting competition.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Margaret Talbort, PhD OBE FRSA
ICSSPE President

Congratulatory Message from Secretary General of Iran Olympic Committee

In view of its special peculiarities and beauty, martial art has received great public interest nowadays not only where it is originated from (Asia) but all over  the world so that we can bear witness to various martial art federations which are being established ever- increasingly. Considering that these sports  events are held in both Fight and Demonstration sections in different age categories with lots of medals involved, martial art enjoys a lot of significance  amongst most countries of the world including Iran and as such the National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran has attached a high  importance to these sports through providing any assistance necessary and appreciating their efforts during Olympic Games, Asian Games as well as  Asian Indoor Games, within possibilities In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude for all the efforts made by the I.R.Iran Martial Art Federation and O-Sport Association of Islamic Republic of Iran to make this event a real success; welcome all participants and guests to Iran, and hope to be able to act as an exemplary host for you during 3rd WOF Open Asian championships.

Mr. Bahram Afsharzade
Secretary General
National Olympic Committee of I.R.Iran

Congratulatory Message from Manager of OCA Asian Games Department
It is grate pleasure to learn that the City of Hamadan in the Islamic Republic of Iran will be host the 3rd WOF Open Asian Championship & 3rd FAOS General Assembly from 26th to 30th April 2010.
I am sure that these Championships will definitely enhance and strengthen the bond of friendship, brotherhoods and solidarity among the participating Nations and Athletes.
I am oleo confident that the Championship will provide ample opportunity to the young and upcoming Athletes to show their mettle and compete with their brothers from other Asian Countries.
I convey my best wishes to the Organizers as well as best of luck to the participating athletes and officials.

Mr. Haider Farman
Manager of OCA Asian Games Department

Congratulatory Message from Vice-President National Olympic Committee of Russia
Dear friends! I have the pleasure to welcome participants of the 3rd WOF Oriental-Sports Open Asian Championship and participants of the 3rd FAOS General Assembly and Elections to be held on 26–30 April 2010 in Hamedan, I.R.Iran. Sport and combats – are the force which is capable to make large and positive contribution to improvement of the world community, in solving many of its problems. The Russian Olympic Committee cooperates with the Russian Oriental Federation, approves sports and educational work of the federation directed on struggle against drugs and youth criminality, and supports the slogan: «The World without drugs – for the Youth of the World ». I am convinced that the 3rd WOF O-Sports Open Asian Championship will become not only a good step for the further growth of athletes sport achievements, but also will be a sample for imitation by the following generations, will promote development of mass sports, propagation of the healthy way of life and will strengthen friendship between the people of all countries. Respect fully yours.

Mr. Gennady Alеshin
National Olympic Committee of Russia

Congratulatory Message from President of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
On behalf of Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, I would like to convey our congratulations to World O-Sport Federation for the recognition by TAFISA, and  on the success of the 3rd WOF Asian Open Championship and FAOS General Assembly for the period of 27th to 29th April 2010 in Hamedan, I.R. Iran.
Iran is the origin of Persian Civilization, one of the worldwide known civilizations of history, where makes the staging of the 3rd WOF Asian Open  Championship and FAOS General Assembly in high profile and significance in terms of developing and promoting O-Sports. With the affluent experiences  of the organizing committee and dedication of all participants, we believe the Championship and FAOS General Assembly will be of great success  prospering the development of O-Sport all over the world.

Thomas W. Tsai
Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee

Congratulatory Message from Secretary General of Tajikistan Olympic Committee
On behalf of Tajikistan National Olympic Committee, I would like to convey my deepest respect and congratulations to our friend country with common  language, traditions, cultures and history in the presence of World O-Sport Federation who are intending to hold 3rd Asian WOF Open Championship and I  really believe that named Federation will be a bridge for friendship, cooperation and common experience for both countries like Tajikistan and Iran.
Tajikistan and Iran have common mutual relations in many spheres of daily life and I think that it`s time for our countries to build more sustainable  relations  in sport relations which is vital for whole nation. At the moment, many associations and federations are involved into Martial arts and  competitiveness between them is high, and I strongly trust that World O-Sport Federation will do their best to represent the highest class and honor of  member countries and I think that in this case members of the following federation will be more.
The number of countries in 3rd Asian WOF Open Championship which reached 24 attendee talks about the highest and strongest desires and attempts of World O-Sport Federation in the presence of Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manouchehri. Having opportunity, we would like to congratulate you with such a great event and we will try to support World O-Sport Federation and to attend actively in competitions held under your label.

Mr.Bahrullo Radzhabaliev
Secretary General
National Olympic Committee

Congratulatory Message from President of National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka
I would like to express my heartiest felicitations to the World O-Sport Federation on behalf of the National Olympic Committee of Sri L
anka for holding, for the third time, the WOF Asian Open Championship and organizing concurrently the FAOS General Assembly from 26th to 30th April 2010 in Hamedan, I.R. Iran.
Sri Lanka is attending FAOS General Assembly for the first time; nevertheless we have been exerting a strong relationship and indissoluble friendship with Iran in terms of Politics and Trade throughout the history.
I consider this as another good approach to strengthen the relationships between our two countries and extremely glad to state that we, the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka, are pleased to extend our sincere support to the World O-Sport Federation for the upcoming activities and wish great success in all its future endeavors.

Hemasiri Fernando

National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka

MESSAGE from President, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
Greetings from Taiwan!
It is our pleasure to welcome you to participate in the 21st TAFISA World Congress. This Congress is now into its 21st biennial meeting and has grown from its infancy to become the premier world congress in the field of sport for all and physical activity. The last Congress attracted an attendance of more than 30 countries and 200  people.

We hope to expand this year’s Congress even further and endeavor to put forth a well balanced program that will cater to sport for all experts, researchers  and other industry professionals from various countries around the world.
The theme for the 21st TAFISA World Congress is “Exploring New Participants in Sport for All: Aiming for an Active World”. The participation of physical  activity no doubt is essential especially for people who are inactive, but this must be developed with a good understanding of the benefits of sport and  physical activity that are involved.
This year’s congress will not only feature scientific study and research of sport for all and physical activity, but also encompass many of the latest updates on the promotion of sport for all, as well as fun sports and oriental exercise.
Taiwan is famed for her hospitality and beautiful landscapes, we promise an international choice of fruits and cuisine and a host of attractions in Taipei.
It will be a great chance for us to make new friends, network, catch up with old friends in this vibrant city. We look forward to seeing you in September 2009.

Yours Sincerely,
Thomas W. TSAI
Chairman, Organizing Committee of the 21st TAFISA World Congres

President, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee

The 21 TAFISA World Congress and General Assembly 2009
MESSAGE from TAFISA President
I wish for the health and happiness of all members of our health association family all around the world. The TAFISA was established to instill sportsmanship in the mind of everyone in the world and to promote the spirit of "Sports For All,” with the goal of improving of our lives. And, we are working hard for the co-prosperity and peace of all nations
Especially, in September of this year, the 21st TAFISA WORLD CONGRESS is planning another sporting event in Taiwan under the title of “Exploring New Participants in Sports for All: Aiming for an Active World". We are going to have an active discussion on the various subjects related to the promotion of the "Sports for All," campaign.We will discuss how to create a more sports-friendly environment; how to approach sports from the social and economic perspectives; and how to promote sports to working people all around the world.
I urge everyone around the world who loves sports to participate in the “Sports for All” campaign. And, I look forward to engaging in a productive discussion on the subject matter with all of you.
To achieve the maximum desired result and our dream of making every nation a healthy family, let’s work hard to reflect the spirit of “Sports for All' on the government policies of all nations.
Thank you very Much
Shang- Hi Rhee
President of TAFISA

O-Sport For All
Sports for all are base of health in society.
Re to the WOF constitution, Sole International O-sport developer Organization, Alak Dolak or other local Games that is developing under WOF which is a  sport for all.
As WOF must develop O-Sport at all age categories for all people in society, also Trainers of O-Sport should develop O-sport as a sport for all in entire age  groups.
Promotion the educational Courses and scientific and arty seminars and also technical and expert exhibitions and articles such as WOF programs all  account in the way of development of sport for all.
There is one hour common practice beside the Caspian beach as the 1st Asian Sport for all events on 1st October 2009 that will organize by FAOS.

Please, contact to us for each kind of more information.