Self-efficacy in one of the most effective factors in developing sport skills performance and the researches in this area indicated the extent of coaches' abilities in influencing athletes' performance and learning. Self-efficacy is a central and basic factor in psychological adaptability and sport achievement for athletes. The present paper aimed to study physical efficacy status of athlete-students playing football in order to compare their level of efficacy at the beginning, middle and end of Physical Education Curriculum in schools of Alborz province. The researcher after receiving permission and coordination with the department of Education and Football schools commenced to distribute the questionnaire among students 3 times (at the Beginning, Middle and End of required training and learning of students) with the specified intervals. 225 athlete students with the 12-14 years old range were ed as the research statistical sample. The present research was conducted in 2 primary schools and 6 Football schools in Alborz province. Friedman test showed that there is a significant difference differences between students' selfefficacy at the beginning, middle and end of the training course and its amount at the end of the training course was more than first and second stages and also at second stage of measuring it was more than first stage. Wilcoxon test results comparing each two measurements show that the difference between first and second measurement, first and third measurement and also second and third measurement is significant. Therefore, based on the present research findings, it is suggested that due to the influence of athletes ' self-efficacy on performance and also the performance on self-efficacy that is a mutual relationship, clubs and sports schools' coaches who work with young newcomer athletes to the sport, have a great emphasize on basic practices and skills training related to their sport in order to not only improve their efficacy and sport performance but also increase participation rate and continuing sport participation in adolescent athletes.