WOF News on January 15, 2021: The 27th WOF Board of Directors Meeting completed successfully this morning with following result:

-WOF Obstacle Sports Japan will be Organized by Dr. Humaira Syed the WOF Board member.

-Sheikh Adil Shanfari our respected WOF President is ready to be host of first International event in Oman after pandemic COVID 19.

-Marco Tomasini the president of Italian Federation appointed as WOF Acting Vice-President till General Assembly.

-Grandmaster Abid the president of Indian Federation will be host of first International Virtual Obstacle Sports Seminar on February 2021 in India.

-28th Hamedan Open and 5th WOF Winter Gala including Obstacle Sports and Combat Sports will be organized by Master Manouchehri the Obstacle Sports Founder on January 28-29, 2021.

- Mr. Nateghi and Mr. Chaichi as well as Ms. Ghabzi the three Main active persons of OSAIRI Legal and Disciplinary Committee appointed as the WOF Legal and Disciplinary Committee till General Assembly.

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